Incognito Lingual technic

Incognito Lingual technic

Fixed braces are not only suitable for children and adolescents. Treatments with fixed braces are still possible and useful for patients over 60 years. However, adults often have higher demands on the aesthetics of a dental correction.
Our Incognito® lingual treatment system fixes any type of dental malocclusion without seeing the fixed braces. Because it is attached to the inside of the teeth („lingual“ = tongue side). Using state-of-the-art computer-aided technology, the individual components of the braces, the Incognito® brackets, are made individually for you or your child.
In addition to the aesthetic aspect of invisible dental treatment, the lingual technique also has medical benefits:
High-precision bows and extremely flat high-gold brackets provide unrestricted speech comfort, are allergy-free and can be used at almost any age.
The inside of the tooth is more robust and less prone to decalcification and tooth decay. Therefore, when using the lingual technique permanent damage to the teeth are less likely compared to external solid clips.
If the teeth on the outside have chalky spots and decalcification before treatment, lingual technique is the method of choice.
It is a high treatment flexibility through continuous, short-term improvements in the equipment possible. The treatment with the lingual technique therefore takes no longer than with conventional fixed braces and the results are just as good.

For example, with Incognito® we can
correct light crowding in the lower jaw front,
make a gap closure,
obtain the gap opening for implants or bridges,
raise tilted teeth for bridge restorations,
an intrusion, d. H. Tooth shortening of elongated teeth for aesthetic and functional restoration of the dental arches,
adjust the smile lines and improve the tooth position to the lip red,
support a periodontal treatment.

We have been using the lingual technique since our practice was founded in 1994.

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