Modern braces almost invisible.

Many patients don’t want to see the orthodontic treatment of their teeth. The transparent plastic rails Invisalign® (Invisalign) are an invisible alternative to fixed braces.
The malocclusions are treated largely „invisible“. It is hereby worked with a sequence of custom made, transparent rails made of medical plastic. This therapy comes from the USA and has been used in Germany since 1999. Here we were one of the first practices that offered this system, and have a large number of patients who successfully use this option of dental correction.
With great technical effort, the impressions (the digital imprint) of the teeth produce the transparent rails, so-called aligners („align“). The planning of treatment is done exactly on the computer.
First, the actual state of the rows of teeth in jaw models is recorded.
Using a special computer graphics procedure, we then present a previously defined treatment goal in three dimensions and subdivide it into individual treatment phases. Here is a detailed consideration and planning of the single-tooth movements possible.
For each of the phases then the individual individual rails are produced. They are worn for two to three weeks each. During this time, the teeth are continuously moved in the previously calculated direction by applying pressure to the rails.
Thereafter, the next track follows until the desired treatment goal is achieved. The treatment time depends on the number of necessary invisalign® aligners.
The splints are worn continuously, except for food and dental care. Because they are removable, there are no problems with eating or oral hygiene. As the teeth need to be cleaned before the splints are reinserted, this therapy requires a slightly higher level of co-operation than with a fixed staple.

Many dental corrections can be performed with Invisalign®.

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