Orthodontist Zug – Dr. med. dent. Thorsten Brandt

Orthodontist Vita:  Dr. med. dent. Thorsten Brandt

Since 2010: Zurich and Zug branches

Research and Teaching:

1996: Research grant from the Max Kade Foundation at Loma Linda University (LLU) and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA and the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main on growth hormone and the effects of fluoride on osteogenesis

Since 1992: Teaching (jaw growth) as a representative for diagnosis in the magnetic field for facial growth research at the Clinic for Orthodontics of the University Clinics Frankfurt am Main, Carolinum, ZZMK

Since 1994: Supervision of doctoral students at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main on the subject of reproducible cephalometric measurements with 3D magnet technology Development of MagneticCeph / noXrayCeph

Magnetic measurement without X-ray radiation in orthodontics

Orthodontic publications:

Publications (link to specialist publications or the “Publications” page to be published) and conference contributions in the fields of orthodontics, diagnostics, growth research.

1994 Roth Therapy certification, multiband taking into account the temporomandibular joint position: 2 year program with Prof Roth and Prof Williams.

1994: Certification: Bioprogressive Therapy Prof. Rickets, California USA 1998: Invisalign Align Technology certification

2000: MagneticCeph certification for measurement without cephalometric X-rays in a magnetic field (only practice in Switzerland to date), as an essential contribution to the avoidance of leukemia by excluding the ionization of blood-forming cells in the skullcap in adolescents, protecting sensitive eyes against cataracts.

2002: Certification 3M Incognito Lingual Brackets invisible orthodontics

2004: Certification of torque control brackets: programmed orthodontics with the Brandt brackets and torque control of the incisors with the sliding mechanics in the posterior area preserved. 2006: Certification for DVT and diagnosis at the Vicerocarnium.

2010: Foundation of the noXrayCeph foundation to avoid the risk of leukemia in orthodontics

2018: Suresmile certification from Siemens Sirona Densplay Diagnostics and Therapy with transparent splints. Manufacture of individual orthodontic arches.

2020: Winner of the german medical award for diagnostic innovations in medicine with relevance for national health maintenance against systematic X-rays.


German Society for Auxology (growth research)

German Society for Orthodontics

European Society of Orthodontics

American Association of Orthodontics

Foundation Measurement in a magnetic field to avoid the risk of leukemia through lateral cephalometric X-rays