noXrayCeph is the medicine of the future


November 19, 2019 Medica – World Medical Fair Dusseldorf

As the medicine of the future noXrayCeph has been awarded with the

German Medical Award 2019

Thorsten Brandt was honored for his contribution to orthodontic magnetic-based diagnostics with the German Medical Award.

The patron of this honor is the Minister of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia Karl-Josef Laumann.

Orthodontic Practice Zug Switzerland

Orthodontist Zug Switzerland Orthodontic Practice Orthodontics Zug

New orthodontics

The excellent and individual care of our patients since the foundation of our practice in 1994 is the maxim of our actions. That’s why we specialize:
The core areas of our activity are
the holistic examination, the functional finding (link on page „functional findings“), d. H. includes all muscle functions of the mouth, head, neck, shoulder and back that are relevant to the function of the jaw,
a precise diagnosis without X-rays (link on page „Diagnostics without X-ray“) (noXrayCeph®) for the growth and position determination of the jaws and teeth,
a gentle therapy (link on page „Therapy“) with the most modern orthodontic technique (Torqueontrol®, Incognito®, invisalign®) as well as
a special oral hygiene with SOLO prophylaxis (link on page „SOLO prophylaxis“).
Certified specialists work in our practice (link on page „Specialists“). The personal relationship of trust with our patients is an integral part of our innovative, holistic orthodontics.
Our patients include adults from all over Germany, who value individual and gentle orthodontic treatment, and young patients from the age of four.

With the Herrliberg / Meilen we have a practice network. In addition, our patients benefit from our long-established network (link on page „Network“) of selected and friendly practices and universities. Our network is particularly useful for complex questions or scientific work.
In addition, we give courses (link to the page „courses“ or the corresponding website) in the field of orthodontics, organize congresses (link to the page „congresses“ or on the corresponding website) and give lectures (link on to be created page „lectures“ or on the corresponding website) at home and abroad.

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Orthodontists Zug – SOLO Prophylaxis

Orthodontist Zug Switzerland Dentistry Health Solo Phrophylaxis Orthodontics Zug

SOLO prophylaxis

Oral hygiene is important to us, as it is of course important during an orthodontic treatment.
Therefore, we generally recommend our patients – whether with or without orthodontic appliances – to have dental care with SOLO prophylaxis (link on The SOLO concept enables the cleaning of every single (= „solo“) tooth in the interdental spaces and fissures, the deep valleys in the back teeth with special tooth cleaning brushes. With our instructions, you will quickly learn how to use SOLO prophylaxis. Used once a day, you will achieve lasting dental health by removing the pathogenic bacteria yourself every day.

We are happy to inform and advise you.

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Orthodontists Zug – Speech therapy

Speech Therapy Orthodontist Zug Switzerland Orthodontist Dr med dent Irina Brandt Orthodontics Zug

Speech therapy – myofunctional therapy

In our orthodontic practice, we use the myofunctional Myobrace therapy to prevent and assist orthodontics in special cases of dental and jaw malpositions.
Myofunctional therapy („myo“ = muscle) is a form of treatment in which the functions of the muscles in the mouth and face are improved. Their balance is in special cases a prerequisite for successful and long-term orthodontic therapy.
If we find in the functional findings (link on page „Functional findings“) a disturbance in the interaction of these muscles, we recommend the myofunctional therapy. In our practice, the therapy is carried out by the speech therapist Charlotte Fürnsinn (link to the page „Charlotte Fürnsinn“) in close collaboration with our orthodontists. Together we develop an individual form of treatment for you or your child.
Basically, it looks like this:
With special exercises we improve the oral motor skills and thus create the conditions for a permanent orthodontic correction.
In the mouth, there is usually a balance between solid structures such as the jaws, teeth, palate and the surrounding muscle groups of the lips, cheeks and tongue. Tooth and jaw deformities may be congenital or caused by accidents or habits such as thumb sucking or teeth grinding. If individual muscles in the area of ​​the mouth and face are too strong or too weak, this leads to pronunciation disorders, incorrect swallowing patterns and also tooth malpositions.
Myofunctional disorders include, for example, mouth breathing, open mouth, tongue shock, incorrect swallowing patterns, sucking problems / sucking habits, articulation disorders etc.
Malocclusions caused by myofunctional disorders can not be permanently corrected orthodontically without an accompanying logopaedic treatment. Otherwise there would be a so-called recurrence, a relapse with the same malposition as at the beginning of treatment, because the cause of the malposition, the myofunctional disorder, was not resolved.

We are happy to inform you
via myofunctional therapy,
how many therapy units are necessary
how we accompany you orthodontically during and after therapy,
the extent to which you can reimburse your health insurance or private health insurance.

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Orthodontists Zug – Therapy

Orthodontics Therapy

Based on the analysis data (Orthodontists Zug – 2nd appointment), we determine an exact individual diagnosis for each patient and determine a therapy tailored to your individual needs.
Our orthodontic therapy is done according to your wishes
particularly gentle – Torqueontrol® system (link on page „Torqueontrol“),
with fixed braces that you can not see – Incognito® (link on page „Incognito“),
optionally with invisible plastic rails – invisalign® (link on page „invisalign“),
in special cases supported by a therapy of the muscle functions – myofunctional therapy (Link on page „Speech Therapy / Myofunctional Therapy“),

Associated with a special oral hygiene against tooth decay – SOLO prophylaxis (link on page „SOLO prophylaxis“).

Together we go step by step:
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Orthodontics Zug – Measurement

Orthodontics Diagnostics without X-ray noXrayCeph Orthodontist Zug Switzerland Orthodontics Zug modern dentistry health care

Orthodontics Diagnostics without X-ray


Our precise survey method without stressing X-rays takes only a few minutes in our practice with the high-resolution 3D scanner from
Orthotec, Nassauerstr. 42, 65187 Wiesbaden.

4-minute film of the NoXrayCeph® survey  (German language)

Surveying with NoXrayCeph® in orthodontic practice Dr. med. dent. Irina Brandt and Dr. med. dent. Thorsten Brandt:
The measurement with NoXraxCeph® takes about two to four minutes.
The carbon cap is placed on the head of the patient or patient with foam rubber pads. The survey program specifies the points to be measured individually. After each individual measurement, the program independently jumps to the next point to be measured. The carbon cap should not slip during the measurement, otherwise the measurement is repeated, which usually takes two minutes. After the survey data has been stored, is the evaluation immediately using the analysis methods of Professor Peter Schopf at the University of Frankfurt (Frankfurt analysis), the sellaunabhängigen? American Ricketts analysis and the WITS, the jaw orientation of Prof. Jacobson, Whitewatersrand University, South Africa, displayed.

Orthodontics Diagnostics without X-ray Measurement noXrayCeph Orthodontist Zug Switzerland Orthodontics Zug modern dentistry health care

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Orthodontics Diagnostics without X-ray

Orthodontics Diagnostics without X-ray noXrayCeph Orthodontist Zug Switzerland Orthodontics Zug modern dentistry health care

Orthodontics Diagnostics without X-ray

The quality of orthodontic therapy depends crucially on the precise analysis of jaw growth and the position of the jaw within the face. Only in this way is an exact planning and efficient execution of the individual therapy possible. And the success of the treatment is guaranteed.
For the first time, our noXrayCeph® orthodontic magnetic survey method is using no X-rays. The lateral cephalograms of the skull previously used in orthodontics place a strain on the blood-forming cells of the cranial fossa bones. This can lead to an increased leukemia risk in young people. Our procedure, which measures the face with the help of a magnetic field, spares these blood-forming cells. Thus, in our practice, we largely comply with the new, worldwide X-ray ordinance, which requires avoiding unnecessary X-rays.
This is ultimately a pleasant side effect. noXrayCeph® is more accurate than cephalometric X-ray side shots of the skull and it offers additional options:
noXrayCeph® is a three-dimensional process and measures on a scale of 1: 1. This avoids projection and overlay errors that can occur in the evaluation of conventional two-dimensional cephalograms.
Existing asymmetries between the right and left jawbone can be recognized by the three-dimensional method.
The survey takes only four minutes, and the cephalometric analysis, d. H. the positional relationship of the jaw to the skull is immediately afterwards. In contrast to conventional X-ray images, no development time has to be awaited.
The measurement technique is not only precise and fast, but also pleasant by allowing jaw measurement, even when the patient is moving.
By dispensing with X-rays close-meshed follow-up checks are possible.

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noXrayCeph® diagnostics improves the quality of orthodontic treatment.

Surveying (link to noXrayCeph survey film  30 seconds)

Orthodontists Zug – 3rd appointment

3rd appointment

In a third step we present the results of our investigations.
You will receive a detailed treatment brochure (link to an exemplary treatment brochure) in which we will present you the individual diagnosis together with the pictures taken. In it we also describe our therapy planning. We spend a lot of time making an accurate diagnosis and planning the treatment. This makes the treatment more targeted and effective, as we can avoid unnecessary tooth movement.
We will discuss with you the possibilities of state-of-the-art therapy in science and technology. Together, we decide what to do next – depending on the findings, you can choose a biological, visible or invisible therapy – determine the duration of treatment and clarify any questions you have.
Quiet and as detailed as possible.
And you know what treatment time, with how many appointments you have to expect and what your individual therapy looks like.

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Orthodontists Zug – 2nd appointment

2nd appointment

If it is clear after the first appointment that an orthodontic treatment is required and you want it, we will go into the diagnostic work.
We examine and analyze all data necessary for the individual orthodontic treatment:
In our holistic approach, we include all muscle functions relevant to the function of the jaw from the mouth, head, neck and shoulder to the back. The jaw position is determined by noXrayCeph, a medical device that graphically displays the temporomandibular joint movement in relation to the magnetic skull points. With our precise 3D magnetic measurement technology noXrayCeph® (link on page „Diagnostics without X-ray“), we also measure the jaw and face relations without damaging X-rays. Unfortunately, we can not do without an X-ray image, the Rö-OPG, to assess the position of the tooth roots. The individual teeth are digitally photographed to illustrate the possible therapy and placed in relation to the entire face.
You see, we take a lot of time. So the treatment is completed the faster.

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Orthodontists Zug – 1st appointment

1st appointment

In a preliminary examination, we get to know you or your child as closely as possible. Together with you, we decide on the necessity and scope of a treatment. Impression takes place digitally with the itero scanner and pictures or photographs of the jaw often help us with this.
If you wish an orthodontic treatment, we will examine you or your child in detail in a second appointment.

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