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Orthodontics Diagnostics without X-ray


Our precise survey method without stressing X-rays takes only a few minutes in our practice with the high-resolution 3D scanner from
Orthotec, Nassauerstr. 42, 65187 Wiesbaden.

4-minute film of the NoXrayCeph® survey  (German language)

Surveying with NoXrayCeph® in orthodontic practice Dr. med. dent. Irina Brandt and Dr. med. dent. Thorsten Brandt:
The measurement with NoXraxCeph® takes about two to four minutes.
The carbon cap is placed on the head of the patient or patient with foam rubber pads. The survey program specifies the points to be measured individually. After each individual measurement, the program independently jumps to the next point to be measured. The carbon cap should not slip during the measurement, otherwise the measurement is repeated, which usually takes two minutes. After the survey data has been stored, is the evaluation immediately using the analysis methods of Professor Peter Schopf at the University of Frankfurt (Frankfurt analysis), the sellaunabhängigen? American Ricketts analysis and the WITS, the jaw orientation of Prof. Jacobson, Whitewatersrand University, South Africa, displayed.

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