Orthodontists Zug – 2nd appointment

2nd appointment

If it is clear after the first appointment that an orthodontic treatment is required and you want it, we will go into the diagnostic work.
We examine and analyze all data necessary for the individual orthodontic treatment:
In our holistic approach, we include all muscle functions relevant to the function of the jaw from the mouth, head, neck and shoulder to the back. The jaw position is determined by noXrayCeph, a medical device that graphically displays the temporomandibular joint movement in relation to the magnetic skull points. With our precise 3D magnetic measurement technology noXrayCeph® (link on page „Diagnostics without X-ray“), we also measure the jaw and face relations without damaging X-rays. Unfortunately, we can not do without an X-ray image, the Rö-OPG, to assess the position of the tooth roots. The individual teeth are digitally photographed to illustrate the possible therapy and placed in relation to the entire face.
You see, we take a lot of time. So the treatment is completed the faster.

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