Orthodontists Zug – 3rd appointment

3rd appointment

In a third step we present the results of our investigations.
You will receive a detailed treatment brochure (link to an exemplary treatment brochure) in which we will present you the individual diagnosis together with the pictures taken. In it we also describe our therapy planning. We spend a lot of time making an accurate diagnosis and planning the treatment. This makes the treatment more targeted and effective, as we can avoid unnecessary tooth movement.
We will discuss with you the possibilities of state-of-the-art therapy in science and technology. Together, we decide what to do next – depending on the findings, you can choose a biological, visible or invisible therapy – determine the duration of treatment and clarify any questions you have.
Quiet and as detailed as possible.
And you know what treatment time, with how many appointments you have to expect and what your individual therapy looks like.

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