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Speech therapy – myofunctional therapy

In our orthodontic practice, we use the myofunctional Myobrace therapy to prevent and assist orthodontics in special cases of dental and jaw malpositions.
Myofunctional therapy („myo“ = muscle) is a form of treatment in which the functions of the muscles in the mouth and face are improved. Their balance is in special cases a prerequisite for successful and long-term orthodontic therapy.
If we find in the functional findings (link on page „Functional findings“) a disturbance in the interaction of these muscles, we recommend the myofunctional therapy. In our practice, the therapy is carried out by the speech therapist Charlotte Fürnsinn (link to the page „Charlotte Fürnsinn“) in close collaboration with our orthodontists. Together we develop an individual form of treatment for you or your child.
Basically, it looks like this:
With special exercises we improve the oral motor skills and thus create the conditions for a permanent orthodontic correction.
In the mouth, there is usually a balance between solid structures such as the jaws, teeth, palate and the surrounding muscle groups of the lips, cheeks and tongue. Tooth and jaw deformities may be congenital or caused by accidents or habits such as thumb sucking or teeth grinding. If individual muscles in the area of ​​the mouth and face are too strong or too weak, this leads to pronunciation disorders, incorrect swallowing patterns and also tooth malpositions.
Myofunctional disorders include, for example, mouth breathing, open mouth, tongue shock, incorrect swallowing patterns, sucking problems / sucking habits, articulation disorders etc.
Malocclusions caused by myofunctional disorders can not be permanently corrected orthodontically without an accompanying logopaedic treatment. Otherwise there would be a so-called recurrence, a relapse with the same malposition as at the beginning of treatment, because the cause of the malposition, the myofunctional disorder, was not resolved.

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