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Orthodontics Therapy

Based on the analysis data (Orthodontists Zug – 2nd appointment), we determine an exact individual diagnosis for each patient and determine a therapy tailored to your individual needs.
Our orthodontic therapy is done according to your wishes
particularly gentle – Torqueontrol® system (link on page „Torqueontrol“),
with fixed braces that you can not see – Incognito® (link on page „Incognito“),
optionally with invisible plastic rails – invisalign® (link on page „invisalign“),
in special cases supported by a therapy of the muscle functions – myofunctional therapy (Link on page „Speech Therapy / Myofunctional Therapy“),

Associated with a special oral hygiene against tooth decay – SOLO prophylaxis (link on page „SOLO prophylaxis“).

Together we go step by step:
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