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Speech therapy – myofunctional therapy

In our orthodontic practice, we use the myofunctional Myobrace therapy to prevent and assist orthodontics in special cases of dental and jaw malpositions.
Myofunctional therapy („myo“ = muscle) is a form of treatment in which the functions of the muscles in the mouth and face are improved. Their balance is in special cases a prerequisite for successful and long-term orthodontic therapy.
If we find in the functional findings (link on page „Functional findings“) a disturbance in the interaction of these muscles, we recommend the myofunctional therapy. In our practice, the therapy is carried out by the speech therapist Charlotte Fürnsinn (link to the page „Charlotte Fürnsinn“) in close collaboration with our orthodontists. Together we develop an individual form of treatment for you or your child.
Basically, it looks like this:
With special exercises we improve the oral motor skills and thus create the conditions for a permanent orthodontic correction.
In the mouth, there is usually a balance between solid structures such as the jaws, teeth, palate and the surrounding muscle groups of the lips, cheeks and tongue. Tooth and jaw deformities may be congenital or caused by accidents or habits such as thumb sucking or teeth grinding. If individual muscles in the area of ​​the mouth and face are too strong or too weak, this leads to pronunciation disorders, incorrect swallowing patterns and also tooth malpositions.
Myofunctional disorders include, for example, mouth breathing, open mouth, tongue shock, incorrect swallowing patterns, sucking problems / sucking habits, articulation disorders etc.
Malocclusions caused by myofunctional disorders can not be permanently corrected orthodontically without an accompanying logopaedic treatment. Otherwise there would be a so-called recurrence, a relapse with the same malposition as at the beginning of treatment, because the cause of the malposition, the myofunctional disorder, was not resolved.

We are happy to inform you
via myofunctional therapy,
how many therapy units are necessary
how we accompany you orthodontically during and after therapy,
the extent to which you can reimburse your health insurance or private health insurance.

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Orthodontist Zug Dr. med dent Irina Brandt

Orthodontist Zug Switzerland Orthodontist Dr med dent Irina Brandt Orthodontics Zug

Orthodontist Zug

Education & interests:

1991-1996: Studied at the Pavlov Medical University in St. Petersburg

1996-1999: Dentist at the Chair of Therapeutic Dentistry at the State Academy for Postgraduate Education in St. Petersburg

2001-2006: Studied dentistry at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main

2006-2010: Specialist training to become a specialist dentist for orthodontics Scientific activity:

2008: Article „Cephalometry without X-ray“ in the journal „Kieferorthopädische Nachrichten“ Article „New 3-D Kiephalometry“ in the magazine „Dental Tribune Germany“

2009: Article „Orthodontic diagnosis in a magnetic field“ in the magazine „Digital Dental News“

2014: Funding in the department for conservative dentistry in Frankfurt (Prof. Dr. D. Heidemann) Orthodontic Practice: since 1996: activity in dentistry and orthodontics

The focus is on orthodontics for children and adults, temporomandibular joint treatments, treatment of disabilities with visible lingual treatment Incognito®, oral surgery dysgnathy advice with 4D magnetic field planning, noXrayCeph®, early treatment, tinitus advice.

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We are a team of three orthodontic and implant dentists, drawing on more than 20 years of orthodontic experience in the diagnostic, therapeutic and consulting fields. Everybody works in the respective special field at the highest level and according to the latest scientific research and professional practice.

Dr. med. dent. Irina Brandt Focused on children’s and adults‘ orthodontics, TMJ treatments, adult treatment with invisible lingual treatment Incognito, oral surgery Dysgnathia consultation with 4D magnetic field planning, early treatment, Tinitus Consultation

Dr. med. dent. Thorsten Brandt „My goal: to achieve the highest possible health and function in our field of expertise through gentle treatments.“ Specialties: Holistic examination with functional findings beyond the dental findings (link on page „Functional findings“) Diagnostic procedure noXrayCeph® (link on page „Diagnostics without x-ray“) on magnetic basis without x-rays Treatment system Torqueontrol® (link on page „Therapy“) with minimal tooth movement in the bone with maximum effect Lingual technique Incognito® (link on page „Incognito“) for invisible tooth regulation with a fixed clamp attached to the inside of the teeth (lingual technique with gold brackets) Invisible orthodontics with invisalign® (link on page „invisalign“), working with a sequence of custom, thin, transparent plastic splints Dental and facial aesthetics such as tooth bleaching, tooth-colored brackets, control of the smile line, upper lip extension Orthodontic developments: 1998-2008: Development of the treatment system Torqueontrol® (Link on page „Therapy“) for holistic and gentle orthodontic therapy at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main and together with the Dentaurum Group, Ispringen 2005-2015: Development of the diagnostic method noXrayCeph® (link on page „Diagnostics without X-ray“) on magnetic basis without health risk due to radiation exposure at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main.